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Driving Brand Awareness for an Australian Charity: A Case Study

In this case study, we will explore how North Vzon partnered with an Australian charity to increase brand awareness and drive more traffic to their website. Through a 12-month engagement, North Vzon successfully helped the charity secure the Google Ads Grant, providing them with $10,000 in monthly Google Ads credit. The case study highlights the significant results achieved, including a 33% increase in website traffic and substantial growth on Instagram through effective storytelling via video content.

Client Background:

  • Australian charity aiming to increase brand awareness and website traffic.
  • Objective: Drive engagement, attract supporters, and promote the charity’s activities.


  1. Secure the Google Ads Grant:
  • Assist the charity in obtaining the Google Ads Grant, providing them with $10,000 in monthly Google Ads credit.
  • Utilize the grant to effectively promote the charity’s activities and reach a wider audience.
  • Optimize Google Ads campaigns to maximize their impact and generate meaningful engagement.
  1. Increase website traffic:
  • Implement strategies to drive more traffic to the charity’s website.
  • Improve search engine visibility through SEO optimization techniques.
  • Leverage Google Ads credit to target relevant keywords and audiences.
  1. Grow social media presence:
  • Enhance the charity’s Instagram presence to engage with a broader audience.
  • Utilize Facebook and Instagram Ads to reach potential supporters and drive follower growth.
  • Create compelling video content focused on storytelling to captivate and inspire viewers.

Implementation and Results:

  1. Securing the Google Ads Grant:
  • Collaborated closely with the charity to navigate the Google Ads Grant application process successfully.
  • Assisted in developing impactful campaigns to effectively utilize the $10,000 monthly Google Ads credit.
  • Leveraged Google Ads to promote the charity’s activities, increasing visibility and engagement.
  1. Increasing website traffic:
  • Conducted thorough SEO analysis and implemented optimizations to improve search engine rankings.
  • Utilized Google Ads campaigns to target relevant keywords and drive traffic to the charity’s website.
  • Achieved a notable 33% increase in website traffic, indicating the success of the strategies implemented.
  1. Growing social media presence:
  • Developed comprehensive Facebook and Instagram Ads campaigns to increase the charity’s reach.
  • Focused on video content creation, employing storytelling techniques to inspire and engage viewers.
  • Achieved substantial growth on Instagram, with a monthly increase of 800 followers, demonstrating the effectiveness of the content strategy.

Conclusion: Through the strategic partnership with North Vzon, the Australian charity successfully increased brand awareness, drove more traffic to their website, and experienced significant growth on social media platforms. Securing the Google Ads Grant provided the charity with a valuable opportunity to promote their activities and engage with a wider audience. By implementing effective SEO strategies, targeted Google Ads campaigns, and compelling video content focused on storytelling, the charity’s visibility and engagement levels soared.

This case study exemplifies North Vzon’s ability to drive meaningful results for charitable organizations, helping them achieve their goals and make a lasting impact in their respective communities.

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