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Amplifying Social and Digital Presence: A Case Study on North Vzon’s Success with a High-End Renovation Company

This case study examines the partnership between North Vzon and a Sydney-based high-end renovation company to enhance their social and digital presence. Through strategic digital marketing initiatives, North Vzon successfully increased the company’s social media following, generated valuable leads, and created engaging infographics for industry professionals.

Objective: Boost the social and digital presence of the high-end renovation company to expand brand visibility, attract potential customers, and engage with industry professionals.

Implementation and Results:

  1. Facebook Page Growth:
  • Implemented targeted social media marketing campaigns to attract potential customers in Sydney.
  • Developed engaging content and visuals to showcase the company’s portfolio and expertise.
  • Within 18 months, increased the Facebook page likes from 96 to over 8,000, indicating significant growth and expanded reach.
  • The Facebook page generated an average of 1-2 valuable leads per month, demonstrating the effectiveness of the social media strategy in driving business opportunities.
  1. Promoting Infographics on LinkedIn:
  • Created visually appealing and informative infographics highlighting the company’s expertise and industry insights.
  • Leveraged LinkedIn’s professional network to reach industry professionals and establish thought leadership.
  • Each infographic post consistently reached an average of 500+ industry professionals, enhancing brand visibility and credibility.
  • The engagement and interaction with industry professionals contributed to expanding the company’s network and fostering valuable connections.


  1. Increased Social Media Following:
  • Significant growth in Facebook page likes from 96 to over 8,000, indicating a substantial increase in potential customers reached.
  • Enhanced brand visibility and awareness within the target market, positioning the company as a prominent player in the high-end renovation industry.
  1. Valuable Lead Generation:
  • The Facebook page generated 1-2 leads per month, highlighting the effectiveness of the social media strategy in driving business opportunities and revenue growth.
  • The leads acquired through social media platforms provided the company with qualified prospects interested in their high-end renovation services.
  1. Thought Leadership and Industry Engagement:
  • The creation and promotion of infographics on LinkedIn established the company as a trusted source of industry knowledge and expertise.
  • The consistent reach of 500+ industry professionals per infographic post demonstrated the ability to engage and connect with industry leaders and potential collaborators.

Conclusion: Through North Vzon’s strategic digital marketing initiatives, the Sydney-based high-end renovation company achieved significant growth in their social and digital presence. The increased Facebook page likes, valuable lead generation, and engagement with industry professionals on LinkedIn showcased the effectiveness of the implemented strategies. The success of this case study underscores the importance of leveraging targeted social media campaigns and creating compelling content to enhance brand visibility, generate leads, and establish thought leadership within the industry.


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