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Google Non-Profit Grants

North Vzon has successfully applied and received the Google Ad Grants for our clients. We helped several organisations both local and global Non-Profits reach out to potential supporters, volunteers and partners through online advertising with Google AdWords AdWords ;

What do the Non-Profits Get?

∙ If successful they will receive up to $10,000 USD per month in free Google AdWords advertising.
∙ Increase website visits sometimes by x10
∙ Reach donors that are looking for organisations like yours
∙ Raise awareness for your cause
∙ Fundraise with YouTube Non-Profit Program
∙ Free Google for Work Apps (i.e. Google Drive)
∙ Google Earth Outreach to create a customised map of your donors or project sites
∙ Google One Today that will help you engage Engage donors on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & more
∙ After you have successfully used your $10,000 USD grant you can apply to $40,000 per month with GrantsPro.


Why should we apply?

Non-Profits know that resources sometimes can be scarce and having the possibility to get $10,000USD a month in online marketing can make a huge difference for the Organisation.

How can we use this grant?

You can only use this Grant with Google Adwords.

What is Google Adwords?

The simplest way to explain it: it is the “paid” advertising on the Google search result pages.

What can we promote?

Non-profit organisations may promote their events, fund-raisers and other activities 24/7 until your grant is maximised. Having said that it is a text ads grants so no images or videos (the YouTube Non-Profit program is where you promote your videos)

Getting accepted into Google’s Ad Grants Program can be a labour intensive process, however, we know for a fact that it is worth it.

Google Ad Grants Program Limitations

Like every free product there are some limitations and restrictions to using the Google Ad Grants program.

∙ You can’t spend more than $10,000 per month (you will see that it may be even hard to reach the $10,000 USD a month)
∙ Maximum Costs-Per-Click is $2.00, so the max we can pay for a click is $2USD
∙ Campaigns must be related to your organisations mission, we can’t promote other business.
∙ The adverts are text-only ads.
∙ Ads are only shown on the Google Search Network, no Display (image ads) and no Partners sites.
∙ Your account will only run for as long as your organisation remains actively engaged with your AdWords account by way of monthly activity and updates from your account manager.

If you want to read more about the Google Ads Grants click on this link.

Maximize Your Google Ad Grants

How can your organisation, can be successful in their Google Ads Grant marketing with these limitations in place?

Your organisation is being offered $10,000 per month however if you don’t use it you can, unfortunately, lose it. We find that it’s often difficult to spend the $10,000 per month if you do not have a lot of marketing experience, even experienced digital marketing sometimes struggle to use the Google grant.

Here are some best practices that we, North Vzon, use:

  • Keywords – focus on keywords that cost up to $2.00 per click.
  • Use long tail (2-3 words) keywords. If you sell female environmentally friendly shoes focus on “female eco-friendly shoes” instead of “women’s shoes”
  • Highlight volunteer activities, partnership and donation opportunities.
  • Add Extensions (call, callout, site links and locations)
  • Create a Branded Campaign, with your organisation’s name and abbreviations.
  • Create a Generic Campaign to add every keyword that is related to your cause.
  • Ad Reviews to your ads
  • Check out the opportunities tool for more keyword ideas at least once a week.
  • Look into Related Searches and autofill tools on search pages to get ideas for variations.
  • Add Negative Keywords – things that are not related to your business. If your organisation builds houses for the poor, block keywords as “commercial developments”
  • Use landing pages on your website that promotes a particular aspect or program, don’t just send people to the website.
  • Create as many ads as you can and if possible many landing pages. You can direct specific ads to potential donors to your donations page and newcomers to your volunteers’ page.
  • Use AdWords Conversion Tracking and Google Analytics to understand how people navigate your website.
  • Google Ad Grants is active only while your organisation is working on the account, don’t neglect it you may risk losing it.
  • Success at the Ad Grants program can make you eligible to upgrade to GrantsPro that will see your monthly grants increase from $10,00 USD a month to $40,000 USD per month.

Maintain Eligibility for Your Google Ad Grant

Once you have gained a Google Ad Grant, it is critical that you maintain your eligibility;

  • Ad Grants ads can link to only one approved nonprofit website URL as nominated in your initial application process.
  • AdWords accounts must be accessed, updated and managed monthly. Failure to do so may see the account being paused or suspended without notification.
  • The ads and keywords must be relevant to the mission of your not for profit organisation.
  • You may be able to advertise to sell products or services as long as 100% of the proceeds are going to support your program.
  • Financial services ads such as mortgages or credit services are not allowed.
  • Ad Grants cannot be combined with Google AdSense ads or affiliate advertising links.

Google Ad Grantspro

This is a highly beneficial program which rewards only the highest performing non-profit organisations who have excelled at utilising the Google Ad Grant program.

The rewards;

  • You will now be able to access up to $40,000 per month in AdWords credits
  • That is potentially close to $500,000 per annum in advertising support

Applying for the Google Ad Grantspro

According to Google, in order to apply for the Grantspro you will need to meet the following criteria;

  • Tracking conversions: Have conversion tracking installed and have successfully tracked at least one conversion.
  • Hitting budget cap: Have spent $9,900 USD or more per month for at least two different months over the last six months.
  • High CTR: Have maintained an average account level clickthrough-rate (CTR) of 1% or higher over the past 6 months.
  • Application submitted: Submit the online application describing how you will use the increased advertising money.
  • Good standing: Be in good standing with the Google Ad Grants program and abide by all the program policies and guidelines.
  • Bi-weekly maintenance: Have someone committed to actively managing the account at least on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Survey completion: Complete an annual survey and agree to share impact or conversion data.

Once you have gained your eligibility you have to work even hard to maintain a larger account and have that account bring valuable donations and resources to your Non-Profit Organisation.

North Vzon Partners with Non-Profits organisations to achieve the grant and help manages the grant for our partners on a weekly basis. If you would like to find out more about how we can help your organisation. Fill out the form below or contact us on 1300611350.


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