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North Vzon’s Consultation Success: A Case Study for a Tech Start-Up Company

In this case study, we will explore how North Vzon provided valuable digital consultation services to a tech start-up company seeking to launch a new web platform. Through a two-month engagement, North Vzon assisted the company in testing various landing pages using an A/B methodology, ultimately achieving an 88% positive response rate on version B of their platform. As a result, the company is now in Beta mode and preparing for an upcoming platform launch in the following months.

Client Background:

  • Tech start-up company aiming to launch a new web platform.
  • Objective: Gather user feedback, optimize landing pages, and prepare for platform launch.


  1. User testing and feedback gathering:
  • Conduct thorough user testing to assess the effectiveness of different landing page designs.
  • Gather feedback from target users to identify strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Optimize landing pages based on user preferences and insights.
  1. Platform launch preparation:
  • Identify the most compelling version of the platform through A/B testing.
  • Refine the platform based on user responses and preferences.
  • Prepare the platform for Beta testing and subsequent public launch.

Implementation and Results:

  1. User testing and feedback gathering:
  • Collaborated closely with the tech start-up company to understand their goals and target audience.
  • Developed multiple landing page variations to test different design elements, messaging, and calls to action.
  • Conducted user testing sessions to gather feedback and assess user responses to each landing page version.
  1. Platform optimization through A/B testing:
  • Utilized an A/B methodology to compare and evaluate the performance of different landing page variations.
  • Analyzed user responses, click-through rates, conversion rates, and overall engagement metrics.
  • Version B of the landing page achieved an exceptional 88% positive response rate, indicating its effectiveness in capturing user interest.
  1. Platform launch preparation:
  • Leveraged the insights gained from user testing and A/B testing to refine the platform design and user experience.
  • Implemented necessary changes and improvements based on user feedback and preferences.
  • Transitioned the platform to Beta mode in preparation for a successful public launch in the coming months.

Conclusion: North Vzon’s digital consultation services enabled the tech start-up company to successfully test and optimize their landing pages, leading to the identification of a highly effective version B that garnered an outstanding 88% positive response rate. With the refined platform design and improved user experience, the company is now in Beta mode, confident in the imminent public launch of their web platform. This case study showcases the value of North Vzon’s expertise in digital consultation, providing valuable insights and strategic guidance to tech start-ups seeking to maximize their platform’s potential.


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