Startup’s Marketing Acceleration

Not every Startup is blessed to have a deep-pocketed venture capitalist that wants to invest millions on your ideas. However every start up has in-house resources to increase its digital footprint and market their services to the world.

Have now worked with a few startup we found 5 traits that make startup sucessful online:

  1.  Beautiful web design

Design is everything.

For users the quality of your company is portraited in the quality of your website.

Great design helps brands tell a story. Beautiful websites can help create a connection with a new user that never heard about your brand before.

It’s a challenge to find great designers, however it will be a challenge for your company to get funding, sell your product, sign up a new client with a poor website.

  1.  Be really social

Today, socieaty has acknowledged the importance of social networks. If you are starting up you must be social.

However not ever startup needs to use be on all the major networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc at once. Find what works for you master that and move to the next one.

  1.  Create content, lots of it

Content is your A player online.

Not too long ago online marketing was ruled by SEO. If you asked great SEO professionals today, they will say that SEO is ruled by content marketing.

Your startup must be a producer of content, regardless of whatever other product or service they are involved in.

Creating content will accellerate the startup’s progress, will build your authority quicker and will help you win clients.

  1. Quick Response

Effective entreprenuers respond to business emails almost instantly. They focus on quick turn-around dates bassically they know how to get stuff done.

Responding quickly is a courtesy. For startups, it reflects their passionate nature and go-get-’em attitude. They’re on top of their game.

  1. Personal branding

Personal brands fuel startups, and startups fuel personal brands. It’s a two way street. You want to work with that company because they have that great person as a director. Be the start of your company, inspire people to achieve greatness, put out content that highlights your skills and expertises and people will follow you.

The better you become at building a personal brand, the better you will be at marketing your online business.

“Let everyone else call your idea crazy. Just keep doing” – Phil Knight , Nike Founder

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